January 9, 2018

21 Day Challenge: Day 2

And… it’s day two of the 21 Day Challenge and so far, so good. It’s only been one day since I started, but I’m still sticking to my plan of eating all raw for the next 21 days. Today is a little bit of a challenge because it’s raining and cold outside, and all I really wanna eat is a hot and hearty soup! But… I’m staying on track as I made a commitment to myself and I’m not gonna lose focus.

If you’re also on the challenge, how’s it going for you? How are you feeling? How is your plan working? Or not working?

I stuck with a green smoothie for lunch again today. It’s easy, it’s quick and it’s very filling so I don’t get hungry throughout the day. Here’s a pic of me with my freshly washed smoothie jar at work. I always rinse my jars out right after I’m done so it’s much easier to clean later.

I’ll probably stick to smoothies and salads for most of the challenge. I find that if I keep it simple, it’s easier for me to stay on track. I’ll probably make some more involved raw meals on the weekends when I have time, but during the week, this is what works.

I’ll check in again tomorrow for day 3!!!

Desiree Peeples is a Las Vegas reporter and healthy lifestyle expert. She focuses on plant-based eating, natural beauty, and simple, time-saving home organization projects.

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