Why I always carry a notebook…

One of the best things I’ve ever done in the process of setting myself up for success is carrying a notebook every day. Yes, a notebook always nearby for jotting things down has been a lifesaver for me in so many ways. It’s probably no secret if you’ve been following me for awhile, that I […]

How to be more productive…

It seems so many of us are always looking for ways to get more done. We are all busy and have a lot of things going on, but sometimes it’s not about what you do, it’s about what you DON’T do. In the video below, I share with you four things that you need to […]

How to figure out your ‘perfect size’ traveler’s notebook

It’s always been a challenge to figure out the “perfect” size traveler’s notebook. Over the years, I think I have tried pretty much every size traveler’s notebook available. I happen to prefer the larger sizes and right now, I’m finding a little bit of “planner peace” with the B6, standard and A5 sizes. Here is […]

Traveler’s Notebooks for Beginners!

  I have used traveler’s notebooks for YEARS!!! And throughout those years, so many of you have requested that I do something for the newbies who are just getting started with the traveler’s notebook system. Well in today’s post, I am finally making that happen. Introducing the very first video in a series I am […]

Holiday Decorating: Ocean theme ‘tablescape’

In today’s post, I thought it would be fun to share with you an interesting idea for holiday decorating. I’ve always loved the beach and the ocean, so I thought it would be different to challenge myself to come up with holiday table decor featuring the ocean theme. Now to start things off, I have […]

Budget Home Hack: Affordable scented candles

So I’ve been loving how everything is now turning into fall… it’s all about pumpkins, cooler weather, and holiday preparations. While shopping in Walmart today, I picked up this delicious smelling candle called “Pumpkin Waffles.” It’s a warm, spicy scent that reminds me of fresh pumpkin bread baking in the oven. Now before anyone goes […]