Day 5 of the 10-10-10 cleanse…


Woke up feeling pretty good and ready to take on the day. By the afternoon I was getting grumpy again and felt low energy. I realized that I am not drinking enough of the lemonade and enough water. Since I am getting bored with the cleanse, I tend to ignore it all together. Meaning I don’t drink anything at all. This is not good because as you can see, it makes me moody and that’s not good. Especially when you’re homeschooling a sweet little boy who really is a good kid.

So today I had 3 quarts of the lemonade, and I’ll have about a quart of water before I go to bed. I also plan on doing the laxative tea tonight as well since I forgot to drink it last night.

I have been doing enemas almost every day and I can tell you that I believe it really helps. I know Stanley Burroughs says not to do them, but since this is probably the 20+ time that I’ve done the cleanse, I can say from experience that it makes a big difference in the elimination of toxins. I find that I feel so much cleaner and lighter after doing one, not to mention it also seems to give me a good burst of energy too. I’ve had a couple of dizzy moments today, not sure what that’s all about, but I’m sure it has to do with the cleanse. It only lasts about a second and I think it could be because I was not consuming enough liquids.

Again, I am debating about stopping tomorrow. I always seem to say that at night, but then I wake up the next morning ready to do just one more day. I feel ready to quit in the evenings, but in the morning I feel like doing one more day will be good. That’s how I’ve gotten this far, by focusing on one day at time.

I am really craving raw foods. I have no desire for anything cooked, but I am so longing to eat a salad, some fruit, or a delicious bowl of my favorite raw vegan corn chowder. I want avocados, bananas, and apples. This is probably the strangest part of my doing this cleanse because in the past, I’ve always had cravings for cooked foods, especially rice or hamburgers.

Oh, and one more thing, I’ve been really cold today too. I know that’s normal so it’s not a big deal. My skin continues to improve but I did notice a couple of new small pimples today too. Nothing major, I’m sure those will clear up in a day or so.

So stay tuned to day 6 tomorrow. Like I said, at this point I’m ready to quit, but in the morning I always seem to feel good enough to continue, so who knows… either way, I’ll keep you posted.


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