January 2, 2018

Delicious Detox

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I’ve been asked on more than a few occasions what are some good detox plans to try? And I always answer, the best detox plan for you is the one that you will do and follow through with. Simple enough, right?

With that being said, I do have a recommendation for those of you looking to start a new detox since it’s a new beginning and a new year.

My good friend and role model, Kristina, aka “the skinny girl” has an amazing detox plan for those of you looking to get started with something that works and that is delicious. It’s called Delicious Detox and it’s the perfect first step if you’re looking to reboot your health and start off strong in 2018.

Kristina’s detox plan includes:

7-Day Delicious Meal Plans — Including Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, And Snacks To Detox Naturally, Boost Immune System, And Lose Weight — Plus Special VEGAN Meal Plan Is Included

The 20 Best Foods To Cleanse Your Body and BOOST Your Metabolism — So You Can Start Losing Weight As Soon As Possible

More Than 30 Easy-To-Make Low-Calorie DELICIOUS Detox Recipes — Some Recipes Have ONLY 3 Ingredients! — You Can Make These Even If You Have NEVER Cooked In Your Life

32 Most TOXIC Foods That Make Your Fat — And How To Avoid Them
How To BOOST Your Immune System And Gain an Enormous Amount Of Energy Without Relying On Caffeine

How To RESET Your Taste Buds So You Start Craving HEALTHY Foods That Make You Feel Great

Best Ways To CLEAR and Detox Your Skin, and Have Less Allergies And Skin Rashes

How To IMPROVE Your Mood And Libido, Wake Up Feeling Rested, And Feel Overall Happier

15 Best Smoothies, Juices, Detox Teas and Drinks to CLEANSE, BOOST Your Immune System And RESET You Metabolism

How To Detox When Eating Out — You Don’t Have To Cook To Detox — You Can Still Detox If You Eat Out, It’s That Simple

How To FIX Your Digestive Issues And Have Less Cramps And Never Again Get That Feeling Of Being Bloated

How To Restore Your Gut Bacteria So That Your Body Absorbs More Nutrients And You Feel Less Hungry

Best Ways To Eliminate Anxiety, Anger, And Improve Your Mood Once And For All

Healthy World Food Recipes – Mind-Blowing Flavors From All The Corners Of The Planet –  Italian, Mexican, Indian, American, Costa Rican, and Eastern European Cuisine – All Are Low-Calorie Meals That Are Fast And Easy To Make

Best Ways To Detox Your Body, Restore Healthy Liver, And Digestive System, Clear Your Skin and More!

As you can see, her plan is jam-packed with loads of helpful information to get you started and on the right track! This is a wonderful investment into your health and longevity… not only for yourself, but also for those that love you.

So do yourself a favor and pick up a digital copy of Kristina’s book today. I promise you’ll learn a few things that will change your mindset and the way you view your health… forever!

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Desiree Peeples is a Las Vegas reporter and healthy lifestyle expert. She focuses on plant-based eating, natural beauty, and simple, time-saving home organization projects.

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