December 28, 2017

Grapefruit Essential Oil

One of my favorite essential oils is grapefruit. I have used this essential oil for years in my never-ending journey of detoxing and getting healthy. Since we are getting close to the new year, I thought it would be a good idea to talk about the wonderful essential oils if you part of your resolutions include a detox, a cleanse, or some other plan to level up in your healthy living practices.

I mainly use this essential oil in two ways. 1) I use it as a flavoring when I’m drinking water and 2) I use it as a fat flusher when I’m doing a fast or a cleanse. The way to use it as a water flavor enhancer is simple. Just add a few drops in your water and sip. However, WARNING!!! Make sure you use an essential oil that has been approved for internal consumption!!! Young Living Essential Oils have been approved by the FDA for internal use. The entire line of Vitality Young Living Essential Oils has this approval, and is the only essential oil that I will ingest.

If you’d like to use this oil as a fat flusher, all you’d need to do is to make a capsule with about 6-10 drops of the grapefruit essential oil inside and then take it as you would any other type of capsule. I usually buy mine on Amazon for cheap. Then you just separate the two halves, put your drops in one side, and the put the other half back on to close it up. Easy peasy.

Do some research for yourself and learn how wonderful grapefruit essential oil can be for your overall healthy routine. If you’d like more information about Young Living Essential Oils, feel free to shoot me an email at desiree {at} mommyreporter {dot} com.

Desiree Peeples is a Las Vegas reporter and healthy lifestyle expert. She focuses on plant-based eating, natural beauty, and simple, time-saving home organization projects.

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