I made vegan black bean brownies!


If you missed my Periscope video last night where I showed how to make vegan, gluten-free black bean brownies then keep reading…

I found the recipe for these yummy treats on one of my favorite blogs, Minimalist Baker. These brownies came out so good and were so easy that I just knew I had to share with my readers.

If you do plan on making these, here are a few tweaks I made to the recipe:

  • I used raw cacao powder instead of cocoa powder. Cacao powder has many health nutrients not found in regular cocoa powder.
  • I increased the sweetener to one cup of raw sugar instead of the heaping half cup suggested in the recipe. I think because I used raw cacao powder, which can be very bitter, I needed to add in more sweetness.
  • I baked my brownies in an 8×6 inch baking pan instead of the muffin tins. Because of that, I had to bake my brownies for 30 minutes at 350 degrees. Just make sure you check on your brownies at the 20 minute mark to determine if and how much longer you need to bake.
  • I used my Vitamix instead of a food processor. Worked great!

Oh, and as a bonus side note… the brownies tasted WAY better the next day after being in the fridge overnight… OMG!!!!

I posted the videos below if you care to see me and my little one “slaving” away in the kitchen. I had to do the video in 2 parts showing the mixing process, then I did a third video showing the final result.

Have you ever made black bean brownies? How’d they turn out? I’d love to know if you care to share…

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