May 31, 2016

Mindfulness in May: Day 31 – Plan next month!


Can you believe we are nearly half way through the year??!!!

Day 31: Plan next month’s goals!

It is the last day of our Mindfulness in May challenge and I hope you have enjoyed it as much as I have.

Today is all about getting ready and planning for next month. I know that I like to plan my days and my weeks so I can stay focused on doing the things that matter the most to me. Although I don’t always follow my plans exactly, I at least like to have a good idea of where I’m going and what to spend my time and energy on. If you have kids, a busy career, are a student, or anything… it can’t hurt to plan your time and use it as wisely as you can.

So take some time today to plan out the rest of the year. If that is too overwhelming for you right now, then at least come up with a rough draft plan for the month of June. Think about some goals you’d like to achieve and how you can make them happen.



Desiree Peeples is a Las Vegas reporter and healthy lifestyle expert. She focuses on plant-based eating, natural beauty, and simple, time-saving home organization projects.

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