Mindfulness in May: Day 21 – Get up and move!

Welcome to day 21! We are cranking right along with Mindfulness in May as we wrap up week 3. Today is all about getting up and getting moving… Day 21: Get up and move every hour. I’m sure by now, we all know the benefits of exercise and staying active. Especially if you’re like me […]

Mindfulness in May: Day 20 – Drink water!

We all already know this, right…??? Day 20: Drink an extra glass (or two) of water. One of the things I’ve learned as a raw vegan, is that many, many health issues stem from dehydration. We eat and drink foods and beverages that cause our bodies to lose water instead of replenish it. Take the […]

Mindfulness in May: Day 19 – Eat a healthy breakfast

We all know how important it is to eat a good breakfast. So today, let’s focus on eating a really healthy first meal for the day. I know that there are many options when it comes to breakfast foods so I won’t say that one diet is better or worse than any other. But I […]

Mindfulness in May: Day 18 – Exercise!

Get moving! Today is all about exercise and trying something new! Day 18: Exercise in a new way. We all already know how important it is to move our bodies every day. We all need to be doing some form of physical activity regularly, but I also know that for many of us it can […]

Mindfulness in May: Day 17 – Get some sleep!

It seems so many people struggle with getting a good night’s sleep. I am always making my sleep a priority in my life because I just don’t feel good and can’t function at my best when I am sleep deprived. So today’s topic is all about… Day 17: Get a full night’s sleep, 7-8 hours. […]

Review: Qualerex Beauty Argan Whipped Body and Lip Butters

One of things I really enjoy about living a simple, green, and natural lifestyle are the many unique products that are being made today to compliment my priorities in both beauty and skincare. When I had the opportunity to try out some new handmade natural skincare products I was beyond thrilled to test them out! […]