How I programmed myself for wealth


One of my favorite mentors, Dan Kennedy, the author of one of my favorite books on time management: No B.S. Time Management for Entrepreneurs: The Ultimate No Holds Barred Kick Butt Take No Prisoners Guide to Time Productivity and Sanity, taught me something that has changed the way I see wealth. I remember going to see Dan many years ago when I was living in Atlanta. I spent “a ton” of money to attend one of his seminars to see him, and many other speakers, live. I also remember being sick with what was turning into a nasty case of the flu. However, due to the fact that I spent so much money, and that I really wanted to see and hear Dan speak, I forced myself to get ready and get there. It was one of the best decisions of my life.

Dan spoke on the topic of wealth attraction. I’m going to paraphrase here so I don’t get too long winded, but basically he said that everyday we are being programmed little by little. We see something or hear something, and it gets tucked away in our brains for future reference. He says that our continuous exposure to ideas, products, habits, people, etc. can eventually take permanent root in our minds and shape the way we think, what we believe and how we view the world. He goes on to say that pretty much everything that causes us to take some form action in our lives starts in this way. And that if we want to be wealthy and successful, we need to take better control of what we allow ourselves to be programmed with.

Fast forward to today and over time, I have learned that programming myself for wealth was not always easy. I had childhood beliefs that prevented me from growing my wealth and attracting wealth in certain areas of my life. I always believed that money was difficult to earn and difficult to replace. I believed that being “cheap and frugal” with my cash was the way to prosperity. I also believed that I didn’t deserve money because I wasn’t “good enough, worthy enough, (fill in the blank) enough.”

Dan Kennedy said that for someone like me, coming from deeply ingrained and limiting ideas about money that were NOT conducive to wealth, I had to start with my environment. I had to program myself to see wealth and abundance in all forms, as frequently as possible. He had these tips to share:

  • Carry cash and use cash as much as possible so you can see, feel, and even smell money to tell yourself that it’s tangible and that it’s available.
  • Place money in several visible places throughout your home to remind yourself that money is always there and that it’s easy to get.
  • Always keep some cash in your wallet so you always “see” your wallet as filled with cash and never empty.
  • Keep items that represent wealth to you around you at all times. Pictures, logos, quotes, etc. in your home, your car, your desk, your locker, etc.
  • Get comfortable with over tipping for excellent service, because “the hole you give through is the hole you receive through.”
  • Make a decision to give a percentage away of ALL the money you earn or receive. I do ten percent, but you can do what is comfortable for you.
  • Also, make a decision to save a percentage of all the money you receive from this point on that is specifically targeted for future wealth building.
  • Understand that cheapskate behavior is poverty-conscious based and really means you are focused on lack and limitation.
  • Do not be afraid to give based on self-serving interests. Giving based on guilt, obligation or altruistic motives never results in wealth attraction. The wealthy give to benefit themselves AND others, and they never feel guilty or apologize for doing so.

That last tip really was confusing to me. But now that I understand, I see that Dan is correct. He taught me that the wealthy think differently and that one of the problems for me not attracting wealth was because I had ideas that wealth equates to greed, selfishness and arrogance. He added that “the best way to help the poor is to not become one of them.” Again, another wake up call, but a motivating one for sure.

So I have done what I can for years to program myself for wealth and yes, it has worked. I now operate from the “attract don’t pursue” mode in all areas of my life. I admit, it’s not always easy and sometimes I don’t get it quite right, but I always come back to what I now know to be true and it eventually gets me back on track.

What about you? Are you programmed for wealth? Or are you being programmed for poverty and don’t even know it? Remember, you’re either making progress or you’re falling behind. And you always control it both ways.

Review: Earthpaste Natural Toothpaste

earthpasteIt’s probably been at least three years that I have been searching for a natural toothpaste. I have tried almost every brand sold at Whole Foods, I’ve tried random brands at local, hole-in-the-wall type health food stores, and I’ve even made my own, which was ok, but I wasn’t exactly thrilled with it.

I eventually discovered Earthpaste after being sent a sample in my monthly subscription for Conscious Box (which I no longer subscribe to). When I tried it, I tried the lemon flavor first and I have to say that it was really nasty. The lemon flavor reminded me of furniture polish and it just tasted weird and kinda like medicine. Next, I tried the peppermint and wintergreen flavors and I have to admit, was immediately hooked. Call me traditional, but for some reason, I prefer toothpaste that has a minty taste and feel, it just makes my mouth feel really fresh and clean.

I am now completely hooked on Earthpaste and it will be my toothpaste of choice from now on. When I was looking for a “healthy toothpaste” it was important to me that it DID NOT contain these three ingredients:

  1. Fluoride – If you don’t already know the dangers of fluoride, please do a Google search and get educated. It does NOT prevent cavities or tooth decay.
  2. Carrageenan – This ingredient causes inflammation and is not natural, and it’s almost impossible to avoid because it’s added to so many products, so it’s best to eliminate it when you can.
  3. Glycerin – This prevents teeth from remineralizing because it leaves a coating or film on the teeth. Again, it’s really, really hard to find a toothpaste that doesn’t contain this, but thanks to Earthpaste our search is now over.

The challenge of finding a toothpaste without these three ingredients was very frustrating, which is why I tried to make my own toothpaste. It was ok, but it really did not satisfy me. And when I tried to brush my teeth with just plain water, well, that just didn’t work…

Earthpaste comes in five flavors: spearmint (new), cinnamon, lemon, wintergreen, and peppermint. I haven’t tried the spearmint flavor yet, but you can bet your last dollar that it will be next purchase. The Earthpaste website markets the toothpaste as the “ugliest toothpaste” you’ve ever seen. And I agree, it’s not the pretty light blue color we’re used to seeing with the mainstream brands, but I don’t think the clay colored Earthpaste is exactly “ugly.”

Have you been looking for a natural toothpaste with safe and pure ingredients? If so, I highly recommend you give Earthpaste a try!

Disclosure: This product was purchased by me for my own personal use. I have no affiliation with the brand and all opinions are my own.

My journey to being raw vegan…


Since I’ve made my declaration that I plan to become a raw vegan by the first of January 2014, I’ve noticed how my life has changed in so many ways. Not only is my diet now drastically different than what it used to be, but I now find that my interests have also changed, the people I spend time with have changed, and many of the things that I wanted just a few months ago, now seemed insignificant and in some cases, useless.

I decided to become a vegan this past September, when I turned 4o-something. My mom had just been diagnosed with breast cancer for the second time and she decided to take a more natural, holistic approach to her health and healing. After much research, I told her about the Gerson therapy and it really resonated with her. She decided to to pursue the therapy with everything she had and immediately began changing her habits and life for the better.

I was also intrigued by the Gerson therapy. Even though I had no real health issues, and I wasn’t battling cancer, I knew that I wasn’t taking care of myself like I should be. I was eating junk, staying up late, and skipping gym visits a bit too much. I was also repeatedly thinking about things and people that just didn’t make me happy. I knew it was time for a change, and I decided that I was going to also do as much of the Gerson therapy as I could alongside with my mom.

As I began researching the therapy, I kept coming across websites and people who were “raw vegans,” meaning the majority of their diet consisted of large amounts of fruits and vegetables, and very small amounts, if any, of cooked or processed foods. Something about this just felt right, and I knew right away that this was it for me. For those of you who don’t know, I was a vegetarian for many years before I had my son. For about 13 years, I was a vegetarian, but I still consumed dairy products, eggs, and fish. Also during this time, I struggled with asthma and allergies, acne, and other annoying skin conditions.

It wasn’t until I was pregnant with my son that I suddenly had an intense craving for “real meat.” I gave in and began eating every type of meat available. It was during this time that my weight also began to creep up. For someone who NEVER had issues with weight ever in her entire life, this was a crushing blow. I blamed my now chunky body on pregnancy and hormones.

My transition to raw vegan has been filled with mistakes, failures, and “cheats” along the way. But I find that as I nourish my body with unprocessed, organic, real food, the cheats, cravings, and so-called “failures” are getting fewer and farther between. I love being able to eat as much fruit as I want and feeling satisfied and energetic afterward, something I never really experienced eating the Standard American Diet (SAD).

After much trial and error, I’ve found that the 80-10-10 way of eating is what works for me. I will talking about this eating plan more here on the blog and on the podcast, but for now, if you’d like to know more, I suggest you read the book  The 80/10/10 Diet
written by Doug Graham. It’s given me a whole new perspective on health and being fit. And even if you don’t agree, or find that the plan would not work for you, it’s still an interesting read.

So stay tuned as we get closer to the new year and I share more and more on how my life, my body, and my mind are all changing for the better. I can’t wait to see what the future holds!